Karisma Gourmet Inclusive Experience

download (28)A Crafted Culinary Experience

Delectable scents, rich flavors, and sumptuous ingredients combined to make hearty meals. We understand that quality and quantity should not be interchangeable, but rather work side by side in perfect harmony. That’s why the Karisma Gourmet Inclusive® Experience offers all you can enjoy dining to all guests, with only the finest, freshest ingredients.

  • 24 hour room service
  • Dietary accommodation for special needs including allergies, vegans, vegetarians, celiac and gluten-free guests
  • A variety of in-room dining cuisine options, including Mexican, World Cuisine, Italian, and Asian
  • Fresh vegetables and spices grown in our El Dorado Royale 70,000 sq ft Greenhouse
  • Various dining venues from à la carte restaurants to mouthwatering food displays

Elevated, Elegant Premium Drinks

At Karisma Hotels & Resorts, our mixed cocktails, wines, and beers are served to satisfy and surprise every taste. We believe that a vacation should be accompanied with a wide selection of fine refreshments. Award winning and downright delicious, our offerings will not disappoint.

  • A welcome glass of champagne
  • Award winning wine list to complement our gourmet cuisine
  • Bartenders pour freely top shelf brands
  • Tequila, mezcal, and wine tastings
  • Themed bars such as the Mojito Bar, Gin Bar, Mexican Cantina, and many more

Authentic, Sincere Service

As part of the Karisma Gourmet Inclusive® Experience, we firmly believe that no request is too far-fetched. Our Personalized Service sets a whole new standard in hospitality. Your every vacationing need will be fully catered by our friendly, attentive staff.

  • Full service concierge
  • Hospitality Desk
  • Beach butlers and pool butlers
  • Sommeliers
  • Romance Maître D
  • Signature Wedding Designers

Exciting Activities for everyone

There’s literally never a dull moment with the Karisma Gourmet Inclusive® Experience. As a guest, you’ll have exclusive access to all of our unbelievable amenities. From cooking lessons, to kayak rentals and yoga classes, there’s no shortage of excitement.

  • Daily and nightly activity programs
  • Nickelodeon Experience at Azul Beach and Azul Sensatori Mexico
  • Azulitos Playhouse by Nickelodeon* and My Gym Children’s Fitness Center program
  • Eco Kids Club cooking classes
  • Scuba clinics in the pool
  • Tennis courts, rackets and balls
  • Live music and shows
  • Fitness center
  • Non-motorized water sports including paddleboats, kayak and snorkeling gear
  • Cooking lessons and tequila tastings

This is our everyday

What’s included?

  • Accommodations as selected
  • Welcome glass of champagne
  • All Gourmet Meals and Gourmet Bites
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages from a selection of domestic and international premium brands
  • Minibar with beer, water, soft drinks refilled once a day
  • Daytime and nightly activity program
  • Full service concierge
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Use of Kids Club and Teens Club*
  • Non-motorized water sports: paddleboats, kayak and snorkeling gear
  • Scuba clinics in the pool
  • Hospitality Desk
  • Tennis courts, where available, rackets and balls provided free of charge
  • Taxes and gratuities included
  • Live music and shows
  • Fitness center, sauna and steam room**
  • 24-hours room service. Restrictions apply on rainy days
  • Free International calls to cell phones and landlines

Best Sites to visit in Scandinavian Countries

download (27)Sailing across Copenhagen Canal:

Copenhagen means “Merchants’ Harbor” where a great canal runs across the city and its banks are studded with old and new buildings. The old merchant houses, roadside cafes and busy harbor make it a beautiful busy city. You may witness not only old but the modern Danish architecture through the cruise tour.


Tivoli Gardens:

Stretching over an area of 20 acres, Tivoli Garden is one of the oldest gardens in the world. It is a must destination to visit during your European tours. There are amazing rides, interesting games and tasteful restaurants. Lovely blooming flower pots and beautiful merry faces make it a charismatic place. Walk leisurely or dance with the music, the garden offers everything chic to connect with the Danes closely.


Isle of Ærø:

A picturesque island of Ærø is a blend of old and new. There are traditional farm sheds and houses as well as has one of the world’s largest solar power plants. Clear, calm and cobalt Baltic sea, blue sky decorated with a thin white sheet of clouds, sand and green land altogether give a spectacular view. One can explore the whole isle via bike easily.


Norway in a Nutshell:

Book a train ticket to reach to the most scenic part of Norway, waterfalls, fjords, mountains and the sea make the west coast of the country. Fields dotted with colourful tiny houses and farm sheds, cobblestone paths are decorated with vibrant flowers, merry goat-sheeps and the melodious sounds of waterfalls, in short it is a fairy-land.


Jotunheim, Plateau in Norway:

Going towards high above is an amazing experience. Winding road having rocky land with patches of green on both sides while white snowy peaks mingles neatly with the cloud covered sky giving a quaint feeling. Once reaching the top the Europe’s biggest glacier, Jostedal welcomes you with its enigmatic beauty.


Norwegian Folk Museum:

Folk dances on folk melodies, children enjoying in a traditional horse buggy, craftsman sitting here and there and showing their artistic work and an array of log houses and other buildings together make this fantastic folk museum. Step inside to know the real Norwegian folk lifestyle closely that is preserved through centuries.


Sweden’s Heart, Stockholm:

The city is comprised of fourteen islands that are connected together with fifty bridges. The harbour is looks busy as the merchant ships sail towards the Baltic Sea. While the locals enjoy fresh breeze and stroll or jog along the cobblestones paths. Inside the city there is a King’s Garden, which was once a private domain but now it is a public place. Elegant facades, fountains and green field decorated with colourful flowers is a place to understand the Swedish lifestyle closely. Another very interesting place is the ‘’Ice Bar” where everything is made up of Ice. The whole bar, sofa, tables and even the glasses in which you would enjoy Vodka are all made up of ice.

10 tips for conquering the Inca Trail

download (26)A trek along an ancient stone path weaving through towering mountains to reach a once-lost city – the Inca Trail is the stuff travel legends are made of.

While Machu Picchu is one of the world’s most spectacular sights and an icon on every adventurer’s bucket list, the classic hike that leads you there is just as travel goal-worthy.

The Inca Trail is a 43km (26 mile) trek through the Peruvian Andes where you’ll hike for five to seven hours each day at high altitude over challenging terrain.

The trail winds its way through a sacred valley, past a raging river, massive mountains, lush jungle and fascinating ruins before Machu Picchu finally reveals itself through the fabled Sun Gate.

Trekking the Inca Trail is one of the most life-changing experiences you’ll ever have. While it’s no walk in the park, the trek is certainly doable even for inexperienced hikers. Here are some tips on how to conquer it.

1. Book early

Many travelers turn up to Peru each year thinking they can hike the trail whenever they want. Nope, they can’t. The Peruvian government has put strict limits on the number of people permitted on the Inca Trail (only 500 permits are issued per day), and the trek is booked out months in advance. It’s recommended to book your tour at least six months in advance during high season (May to October) and three months during low season (November to April). The classic 4-day trail costs from 600USD upwards.

2. Get a bird’s eye view of Machu Picchu

There are two treks you can take within the Machu Picchu sanctuary to get superb views from above – Huayna Picchu and Machu Picchu Mountain. Both are tough, steep treks of around three hours and need to be booked before you go. Huayna Picchu, which allows 400 trekkers per day, is hugely popular and is usually sold out months in advance.

3. Pack for four seasons

During the trail you might experience everything from freezing temperatures to steamy days to relentless rain, so pack for all seasons. Layers will be your best friend – take singlets or t-shirts, a fleece jumper and a jacket. A pair or two of hiking pants which zip off to shorts is also a good idea. Bring wet weather gear including a rain coat, a poncho to cover your entire body and bag, a beanie, gloves, extra pairs of socks, a hat and flip flops for getting around camp at night.

Don’t forget plastic bags to put dirty clothes in, a basic first aid kit, insect repellent, wet wipes (this is how you will ‘shower’ every night), toilet paper, a towel, earplugs, lip balm, sunblock and a headlamp. You must bring your passport with you – it will be inspected at checkpoints along the Inca Trail and at the entrance to Machu Picchu.

Your tour will provide you with a bag where you can place up to 7kg of personal items (including your sleeping bag) for a porter to carry. Don’t over pack – anything over that limit you will need to carry yourself.

4. Carry only essentials in your daypack

Your porter won’t be hiking near you with your gear, so it’s important to have everything you need in your daypack. Fill it with essentials such as your passport, camera, water bottle, jacket, rain gear, hat, lip balm, sunblock, sunglasses and toilet paper. Resist the temptation to pack the kitchen sink. If your bag is heavy, you will seriously regret it.

5. Bring the right shoes

Whether you prefer hiking boots with ankle support or a pair of running shoes, both are fine for the trek, just make sure your footwear is comfortable and broken in. The last thing you want to deal with is sore feet and blisters. Also ensure your shoes have good grip and are preferably waterproof.

6. Stock up on snacks

Don’t worry, you will be fed extraordinarily well (think pancakes for breakfast, rice and meat for lunch and snacks like hot chocolate and cookies). But it’s a good idea to bring some extra sustenance like chocolate and energy bars. Also, if your guide or a porter offers you some cocoa leaves to chew on, give it a try. Although not the most pleasant tasting thing, they’ll give you an energy boost as well as alleviate any altitude sickness you may be feeling.

7. Don’t skip the add-ons

You might want to save a dollar or two, but reconsider skipping add-ons such as a hiking pole –  your knees will thank you for it. A pole will especially help you descend the steep steps after notorious Dead Woman’s Pass on the second day, and other slippery sections. Most tours will include a sleeping bag and mattress. Consider renting a thermal liner for extra warmth as temperatures can hit sub zero at night. Thermal liners and hiking poles will set you back about 10-15USD.

8. Bring cash

There are some opportunities to buy snacks in villages along the way. On the final day of the trek, you will also need money to tip your guide, porters and cooks for their tremendous work. The suggested tipping rate is between 6-8USD a day, so make sure you have enough.

9. Invest in good camera gear

If you’ve been toying with the idea of getting a DSLR, or a GoPro to make your own movies, now is the time to do it. Machu Picchu will be one of the most eye-achingly beautiful sites you’ll ever see and you’ll want to capture it with the best quality pictures possible. Also bring spare batteries for your camera as you can’t charge your gear along the way

10. Get in shape, mentally and physically

The trek reaches its highest peak at 4200m. On the second day you’ll ascend 1200m and spend hours trudging relentlessly upwards. Don’t kid yourself, the Inca Trail is tough. Beforehand, prepare physically for at least a few weeks and spend two or three days in Cusco (altitude 3400m) for acclimatization. At times the trek is a mental game and you’ll need a positive attitude to win. Just keep going, no matter how long it takes you to get there. The reward at the end is more than worth it.

Comprehensive Mozambique Accommodation for Optimal Luxury & Holiday Fun

An undiscovered jewel of Africa, Mozambique is known as the Land of Smiles, which epitomizes as a paradise with white powdered sandy beaches, swaying coconut palms, beautiful coral reefs and warm sub tropical waters.

With myriad of things to do and see, Mozambique stands out as the most inviting as well as fun-packed holiday destination around the world. That’s why worldwide visitors love to make their way to this heavenly paradise to ensure unforgettable experiences of Mozambique luxury holidays.

There is a wide availability of Mozambique accommodation in resorts, beach lodges and hotels to enjoy a holiday trip away from all your stresses. It is highly recommended to choose the right package for accommodation in Mozambique depending upon your needs- honeymoon specials, family holidays, couple rejuvenation getaways, business trips and other travel options.

Booking Mozambique Accommodation For Holidays: –
There’s a huge variety of luxury beach lodges and resorts along the Inhambane Coast to choose from. Accommodation in Mozambique includes lodging facilities at Barra Beach,  Massinga Beach and Bali Hai. No matter whatever your accommodation preferences, these lodges can make your holidays in Mozambique, the tropical escape into a memorable paradise. Here are a few lodges discussed below which can offer you a better understanding to choose a perfect one for Mozambique holidays:

Bali Hai Lodge: – It’s a family owned and operated lodge, reflecting the Muslim, local African and Portuguese traditions in its artistic architecture, décor and wide choices of menu dishes. Remember one thing, the overall theme of this lodge is infused with Bali Island style ambiance. It can accommodate 34 people in en-suite rooms comfortably and is well-equipped with air conditioning, fridge, tea or coffee facilities and more. All guests have access to the communal areas where they can enjoy sipping cocktails in the sunken water bar surrounded by the two swimming pools or can enjoy chatting comfortably in the restaurant.

Massinga Beach Lodge: – Being completely a different kind of lodge, Massinga Beach Lodge is elevated on a hill surrounded by coconut palms. It is considered to be luxurious without being arty-crafty. Newly wedded couples love to stay in luxurious ocean front rooms equipped with plunge pools and private decks with maximum panoramic views of the bay. Booking Massinga Lodge as your honeymoon accommodation can offer you with once-in-a-lifetime experiences of Mozambique holidays.

Conclusion: – If you’re a holiday enthusiast and want to plan your next trip, visit MozambiqueSpecials.com and book Mozambique accommodation facilities for your comfortable as well as luxurious stay! As Mozambique is a multi-ethnic destination that appeals to everyone,  book special accommodation deals in Mozambique and be sure to return with plentiful travel experiences.

Enjoy South Africa’s Natural Wonders with 4 x4 Camper Rentals

One of the best ways to tour South Africa is to drive around the country, travel deep into the jungle and the bush using a hired 4×4 vehicle which can handle both on and off-road conditions. The car hire and tour companies in SA handle a lot of self-drive and guided self-drive safaris, and have expert guides who ensure that the travellers see the stunning coastlines, mountains, and jungle sights that South Africa and its neighbours offer.


Over the past decade, self-drive holidays have become very trendy, and companies have upped the challenge by providing them with the best 4×4 vehicles on the market. This new trend of eco-tourism has been faithfully adhered to by many of the visitors coming in to South Africa in recent years, and tour companies have given them the best rates for 4×4 hire in Southern Africa in an effort to keep the tourists happy. The vehicles available for hire depends on the number of tourists, their budget, and their itinerary; besides the 4×4 vehicles, they also offer campers, cars RV or recreational vehicles, which can be used as self-drive vehicles.

Economical Hire

The self-drive safari has proved to be very popular exercise, especially because it has proved to be economical and an exciting way to explore South Africa and the neighbouring countries of Botswana and Namibia at the same time. Another popular way for many tourists who wish to explore away from the beaten trail is to have a 4×4 camper rental and travel with a loose itinerary to wherever they wish to go. Reasons for their success are attributed to having no fixed schedule or hotel bookings; wherever they camp is their hotel, and there are plenty of places to camp. The camper is very affordable, as it becomes a two-in-one deal; handles transport and accommodation, making it great value for money.

Adventurous Spirit

Compared to vehicle rental charges in other parts of the world, a 4×4 camper rental, hiring camping equipment and even charges for a guide works out comparatively lower in South Africa. Namibia and Botswana too have some really beautiful places to see and explore, some of which is accessible only by a 4×4; many of the 4×4 rental companies have branches in Namibia, making it easy to complete the necessary paperwork for hiring the vehicles. Besides organizing 4wd vehicles and safari tours, these companies also handle airport transfers, route planning, and providing basic training on handling 4×4, insurance, and other services. Eventually, what the tourist decides is whether to be adventurous and spend time alongside the wild animals or see them from the top of a bus.

The true sense of a South African safari self-drive holiday adventure can only be understood and experienced when you camp in the wilderness exploring Nature’s wonders.

2 Great Holiday Destinations under Vacation Packages

Every vacation calls for exploring a new destination and creating beautiful memories with your loved ones. Whether an exotic holiday or exploring a historic destination, a beach holiday or an adventure vacation package, every holiday must be well-spent. Today, with travel made easier for people who wish to explore the different destinations all over the globe, tourism has emerged as an industry that is only growing.

Travel and Tour companies are today competing with each other; trying to offer their very best travel and vacation packages to those who wish to visit a destination. With every package being personalised as per your preferences, travel and exploration are now hobbies to most people. There are various vacation packages that offer visits to the best destinations in the world. However, the 2 best vacation packages are:


The Europe Tour Package: Europe is a destination which will fascinate you with its scenic beauty, ancient history and artistic diversity. This destination is enormously large and all the places within this destination has so much to offer its visitors. Few of the highlights of Europe are:

  • Greece and its sun-kissed beauty: Greece is all about its aquamarine coastline, rich culture and its sun-kissed ancient ruins. The people of Greece are extremely passionate about subjects of politics and art. Greece is a combined mix of ancient ruins and history, flavoured cuisines and cultural people. Greece serves some of the most delicious and appetizing cuisines in the world. The famous Italian pasta, teamed with some Greek specialities like shrimps or lobsters are easily found here; while, Turkish spices find their way into delicate sweets. Mussels and fresh cooked fish are generally served with baked breads and olives. One cannot fail to mention that Greece also serves few of the best coffees in the world. While in Greece, you could visit many places that include Athens, the Meteora’s monasteries, the outdoor theatres, etc. You could also involve yourself in activities such as hikihng, surfing, diving, sailing and rock climbing. In all, A Europe vacation package without Greece, is not a Europe vacation at all!


  • Mesmerising Italy: Italy is a wonderful destination known for its perfect blend of cuisines, art galleries and picturesque landscapes. Italy offers many destinations to visit of which Venice and Rome are two destinations that will astound you. Venice is a splendid city of lagoons and must be a part of your Europe vacation package. The Grand Canal, Plazzo Ducale, Basilica di San Marco and a few other cathedrals here are worth visiting. Venice also offers visitors some appetizing seafood which you will not find anywhere else. Rome on the other hand, is renowned for its world-class artistic heritage and houses few of the world’s best museums, Byzantine mosaics and Renaissance frescoes that dazzle in the churches of the city. Masterpieces by the famous Michelangelo and Raphael are found here. The highlights of Rome are the Vatican, St. Peter’s basilica, the Colosseum and a few others.


With so many attractions in both of these destinations in Europe, you will can be assured of having a great time on your Europe vacation package. An additional bonus are the delicious pizzas, pastas and white wines that will leave you wanting more.


The Golden Triangle Tour, India:This is the most popular tour in India that has emerged in the recent years and covers the destinations of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. With grandeur and history in all forms, the Golden Triangle Tour will give you an enriching experience and will prove be a great vacation package. This tour will enable you to explore and experience the history of the huge forts, extraordinary palaces and the culture and traditions of the royal era. The highlights of this tour include:

  • Delhi: Considered is to be the power centre of India, Delhi is the political capital of the country and forms one of the cornerstones on the Golden Triangle Tour. Delhi will fascinate you with its vibrant colours and the many places it has to offer. A few of the places which will amaze you are the India Gate, Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Kutub Minar and Chandni Cowk. Delhi is also a shopping paradise for both cheap and expensive shopping, which will offer you a variety to choose from.


  • Agra: Agra, the city of Mughal legacy and a home to the wondrous Taj Mahal which is one of the seven wonders of the world and a tribute to lost love, will astonish you with its natural and splendid beauty. Agra holds many heritage sites that date back to the 16th Century that include the radiant Taj Mahal, ancient buildings, forts and palaces which will enlighten you about the Mughal era. Fine marble artwork, gardens and feasts were all a part of the Mughals in Agra.


  • Jaipur: Known as the scintillating jewel of the royal era, Jaipur is the most vibrant destination in India. It is the capital and largest of Rajasthan. Known as the ‘Pink City’, Jaipur attracts many travellers from all over the world. Scenic landscapes, photogenic cities, calm temples and royal palaces, are all that Jaipur offers visitors. Jaipur has many sites to explore. A few of them are the City palace, the Jantar Mantar and the Hawa Mahal. On a tour to this place, you will feel the ethnicity of Jaipur in all forms. Be it the cuisine, handicrafts, art or fine-crafted jewellery, Jaipur will charm you.


These are the three destinations you will visit when you take a vacation package to the Golden Triangle; where you will learn about the state, its culture and its rich history.

These are the two great holiday destinations that you must visit on a vacation package.

Enjoy Luxurious Ride On Your Wedding Day With Wedding Limo Hire Sydney

Wedding is one of the most special and fascinating event. Luxury and joy are two of the most necessary things that everyone wants on their wedding day. We’ve all dreamed of great things to happen at our wedding. We thought a lot in a very luxurious way. We want others to understand our vision exactly how we want it to run for our most special day of life can become a memorable and greatest experience. And in wedding time one of the most daunting task to manage is to pick up and drop off the guests from source to destination wedding place. But this frightening task can make easy, decorated and comfortable with royalty simply by Wedding Limo Hire service in Sydney.

As limousine falls into the category of luxury ride and wedding is a luxurious event so both complement each other. Also at the wedding time each guest including bride and groom make their special appearance and for that reason each one need full comfort, ease and space. Limos are huge, spacious and luxury Wedding Cars Sydney.

With wedding car hire Sydney you can make wedding very special and memorable. Both the bride and groom can improve their moments of luxury wedding day with the use of Wedding Limo Hire that take them to the headquarters of the wedding ceremony and the reception venue. Not only the bride and groom, but also their parents can enjoy arrive in style on such a Luxury Wedding Cars Sydney. Limo rental Sydney very much suits for wedding party. Also it offers beautiful photo and video opportunities for the most special and prestigious day.

Wedding Cars Hire service provider in Sydney offers you luxurious car with driver for your wedding day that makes your ride comfortable and enjoyable on your lifetime memorable event with your specials. To make your once in a lifetime experience of the super special wedding, these Luxury Wedding Cars Sydney service providers provides its presentable and trained drivers who can add volume to your status symbol and can take comfort from one place to another. These drivers come well dressed in appropriate attire and are specially trained to provide the most humble attitude.

Wedding Limo Hire also maintains a high standard of living of you among your guests. You can plan your wedding with these Wedding Cars Hire service provider in Sydney with sufficient time for your desired decoration in special way you want it to be car. They also help you a great hand in all sorts of travel arrangement you may need on your wedding day. A different staff is available to you that would help you around to perform all activities related to the wedding transportation if you plan things before the wedding date with these service providers.

Airport Limo Transfers Melbourne: Huge, Spacious And Comfortable Airport Transfer

Melbourne- the capital of Victoria and the second largest city of Australia. It is called a sensual heart of the country. It is mixed with a wonderful Victorian architecture and modern buildings in the Art Nouveau style. Delicious food, shopping, perverse enjoyment are some of the thing that attract people to visit Melbourne at least once in life. As a stranger to place rather than looking for taxi or any public transport, Airport Limo Transfers in Melbourne is the right choice for any traveler or tourist. With Melbourne Airport Transfers you will meet and hold you and your business partners at the airport and provide a comfortable ride and safety. Many of Melbourne Airport Transfers agency will guarantee an excellent start and worthy end of your journey. Most of the tourist prefers limousine vehicle as these vehicle are huge and Melbourne is a huge place to be seen in a limousine. Hence, many companies and individuals who play to prefer limo hire Melbourne Airport Transfers.

There are many factors involved that people prefer to hire Airport Transfer in Melbourne. Many companies that provide Airport Limo Transfers Melbourne have wide ranges of limos according to the customer requirements. Elegant black limousines, white limousine, bright pink limos are available for people to choose from. The limo hire company that offers Melbourne Airport Transfers usually preferred to provide amazing services for its customers, so that customers use their services again and again and also refers to other people.

For Airport Transfer in Melbourne, you can make your reservation in Melbourne limousine through subway ride quality that offers their limousine rental services. With Airport Transfer in Melbourne the comfort and good service from a company hire – especially for those who have a large family or have many suitcases with you. You may really ask for support from your travel agent to book a car hire service from the airport to any point in the location in Australia and pick you up from there back to the airport.

One of the main reasons for hiring Airport Limo Transfers Melbourne is that tourist does not need to be attentive and fretful about the traffic rules of country. When driving in mysterious ways, they will be uncomfortable and they get nervous looking for parking and toll charges. People can get rid of all these problems and difficulties by hiring the limo. It also saves your money and time.

What are the Best Sightseeing Attractions in Nizwa, Oman

The country of Oman is a majestic and mysterious place to travel and is full of adventure, history, cuisine and more. If you are interested in a relaxing yet exciting vacation, then visiting Nizwa will prove to be the best destination in Oman. Nizwa was once the capital of Oman and throughout history has served as a bustling center for trade, education and art. Here you will find date farms are plentiful, which makes Nizwa as the top rated marketplace for dates.

In recent years, Nizwa’s rugged beauty, historic structures and tranquil ambience have made it the most popular tourist destination. Let us discuss about the top attractions present in Nizwa, Oman that will help you in exploring Nizwa at its best on your vacation trip:

#1- Bahla Fort:
This fort is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987 and is considered as a historic fortress. The Bahla Fort features abode walls and towers that rise 165 feet above its foundation of sandstone. Located on a sandstone hill, The Bahla Fort is visible from miles away.

#2- Nizwa Fort:
This is a large castle, which was built in 1650s with an underlying structure that dates back to the 12th century. It is Oman’s most visited monument, where you can learn more about Omani history. The Nizwa Fort features a cylindrical tower used, which is used to defend the city from those traveling along the major trade route.

#3- Nizwa Souq:

Nizwa souq is traditional market that offers visitors a unique travel experience and good sense of how locals lead their daily lives at this ancient market. This souq is located next to the Nizwa Fort, which is filled with small shops and vendors selling an array of items from handmade crafts to fruits, vegetables and meats. Do not forget to buy silver jewelry from one of the market vendors. In Nizwa, silver jewelry is considered to be a precious thing.

#4- Jabal Akhdar:
Jabal Akhdar is a part of the Al Hajar Mountain Range that offers dramatic views of the stunning mountain range and the gorge below. Also known as Green Mountain, Jabal Akhdar is dotted with trees, shrubs and certain crops like pomegranates, apricots, peaches and walnuts.

There are numerous sightseeing attractions, which can be explored conveniently on a guided full day Nizwa tour or well planned Nizwa Oman sightseeing tour. To have utmost fun and excitement during your Nizwa vacation trip; it is important to depend on a reliable Oman tour operator. The Assistance of a trustworthy and experienced tour operator in Oman, you will get the best out of your Nizwa, Oman vacation trip.

Visit the National Mall in Washington DC on a Private Tour

Washington DC is one of the most cultured and cosmopolitan cities in the US that has numerous landmarks, attractions and monuments. It is believed that The National Mall is one of the Washington DC’s most iconic landmarks, which is located in the center of a precisely organized city.

About The National Mall:
The National Mall is literally known as the heart of Washington, DC, which serves as a site for picnics, Frisbee games and dog walking in the warmer months and snowball fights for local kids or college students in the winter. It can be said that the National Mall is a fun place for DC residents to hang around. For visitors, The National Mall is considered to be a most significant location, which is a one-stop-shop for all things cultural in Washington DC.

What are the Museums on the National Mall?
It is interesting for you to know that the National Mall is the home to some of the city’s best museums like the National Air and Space Museum and the popular Newseum.

Let us discuss about the impressive lineup of free museums, which will help you to immerse yourself in classic art, the wonders of aviation and the natural world:

#1- National Gallery of Art:
The National Gallery of Art has two major buildings- one classical and other modern. This gallery also encompasses a six acre sculpture garden, which contains a rotating display of permanent works and traveling exhibitions. Here you will get an opportunity to explore ancient to contemporary art and indulge in public programs.
#2- National Air & Space Museum:
This museum boasts the world’s largest collection of historic aircraft and spacecraft, which includes Charles Lindbergh’s Spirit of St. Louis, the Wright brothers’ original 1903 flyer, astronaut space suits and a lunar rock sample.

#3- National Museum of Natural History:
It is believed that, National Museum of Natural History is the most visited natural history museum in the world, which boasts of an incredible rotating collection of 127 million items including dinosaur bones and ancient Egyptian mummies.

#4- National Museum of American History:

Each year, over four million make their way to visit the National Museum of American History, which boasts of more than three million objects that tell the American story.

If you want to explore a lively the National Mall in Washington DC in a convenient way, then it will be wise to rely on a reliable sightseeing and private tour specialist in Washington DC. Whether you want guided Washington DC private tours or economical Washington DC sightseeing Tours, a trustworthy tour and transportation provider will offer you the best assistance that will make your weekend or vacation trip a memorable one.

The Popular but Worth Visiting Destinations On Dubai

Our globe is highly diverse, holding contrasting geographies, cultures, places as well as ethnicities. We could witness the origin of this diversity back in time, which according to scientists is the huge human drift that took place in different continents. From there on we emerged our own unique culture and evolved accordingly, this major factor contributed to diversification which is carrying forward the legacy of our nature. Earth holds a variety of continents, countries, oceans, seas, cultures and lifestyles worth checking out, we not just learn new and unique things from them but also contribute to the amazing journey that our soul takes in this world.

When we talk about Asia, we could witness amazing amount of diversities in terms of geography as well as lifestyles. The eastern Asia is the first to witness sunrise and the serene volcanoes of Japan could hardly go unnoticed. The desserts of Middle East Asia are known for its harsh hot weather but the abundance of essential natural resources makes these countries most luxurious. The countries like UAE, Kuwait, Turkey, Egypt and Oman are well famous among travelers from around the world. Where Turkey is known to be the entrance to Asia from Europe, Egypt provides a getaway to one of world’s oldest civilizations and holidays to Dubai would enrich your vacations with most luxurious lifestyle.

The city of Dubai is like an oasis in the middle of the dessert, being extremely soothing for body, mind and soul. Dubai is not just a local retreat for Middle Eastern people but people from western countries find excuses to visit this city, all because of the rich lifestyle and amazing infrastructure. We have picked some famous hangout points for you in Dubai, get informed about these places in Dubai for a refreshing holiday.

Five not so popular but must watch places in Dubai –

  • Jumeirah Beach – Jumeirah beach is most popular beach destination in Dubai tourists. This beach has a cluster of hotels and resorts all the way through. It’s considered to be number one lounging destination.
  • Wild wadi Water Park – The water park is located in close vicinity to Burj Khalifa, the park is themed around the tale of a character Juha from a famous Arabian folklore. You could explore around 30 rides and other major attractions in this park.
  • Dubai creek – It is a saltwater creek located in Dubai, historically it was used as a port for ships coming from India or East Africa. Now this place is an excellent hub for various kinds of leisure activities including swimming, cruises and golf.
  • Miracle garden Dubai – This beautiful flower garden is located in district of DubaiLand, Dubai. The garden is open from October to April month, and is world’s largest natural flower garden having over 45 million flowers.
  • Jumeirah Mosque – Jumeirah mosque is the most beautiful mosque of Dubai, it is well known for its traditional Islamic architecture.

What all fun activities you could do when you take cheap holidays to Dubai

  • Visit infrastructure marvels to witness the mixture of rich architecture and splendid engineering in Dubai.
  • Take on the Dubai dessert safari for an adventurous session with your friends and family.
  • Drive along Sheikh Zayed Road, the wide eight lane road and lifeline of Dubai city.
  • Visit Gold and Diamond Museum where you could know the history of Arabic Jewellery.

Brilliant Ways To Save Your Money On Uber Rides

I was never a fan of on-demand cab booking service apps until I used Uber service. I requested an Uber for the first time a 2-month back where the Uber app located my pick-up point correctly without me having to enter my location. The app also gave me the estimated fare and arrival time of the driver using a real time map. Having been used their service for more than 2 months now everyday, for riding home, I can say the cost of taking Uber is often cheaper than other taxi providers and autorikshaws. And commuting through Uber is economical and a lot cheaper than riding in your own car.

Anyone who wish to being chauffeured anywhere in the city every time they request a ride, by a polite driver who is no less to one’s own private driver, Uber should be their first option. It is so likely to let users enjoy the ride that they dream of. Plus, there are incredible discounts, Uber coupons that can help you book Uber at much less price. That’s icing on the cake!

Well, the comfy ride, transparent charges, online payment and no hassle of haggling with the drivers and several such features by Uber, is sure a game changing. But, sometimes taking Uber rides could bleed money, especially when you book Uber cabs when the fares have been racked up. With simple yet incredible hacks, you can stop this financial bleeding. Want to know how? Read on…

Check The Current Price

Yes, different Uber cabs come at different prices. Some at normal fares, some at surged prices (as high as 10x during the peak hours). So before you hail a Uber cab, check the prices. You could do that by tapping on various cabs icons seen on the Uber app.


Estimate Your Fare

With different cars running at different prices, including the surge prices; make sure you get a fare quote, where you need to enter both pickup and drop location to know how much it would cost to take a Uber. You can try the online UBER calculator, i.e., Uber fare estimator to know how much does your Uber cost for your next trip.

Know Which Uber Ride Is Low And Which Is High

Note that, sometimes UberGO costs more than UberX, when it’s on surge and this pricing varies from one city to another. So always get a fare quote on various cars in your city. Currently Uber is in close to 500 cities worldwide, including major cities in India such as Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Coimbatore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Kochi, Nagpur, New Delhi, Pune, Surat, Indore, Bhopal, Chandigarh, Lahore, Mangalore, Visakhapatnam and more. Uber has recently announced that they want their consumers’ to enjoy cheaper rides and so launched UberPOOL, bringing carpooling at the tap of a BUTTON. Knoe more aboutUber expands UberPool service to more Indian Cities here.

Look Into The Base Fare

There is something called a base fare or a minimum fare that you can see just before confirming your booking in the app. Currently, UberGO has a base fare of Rs 40 and UberX has a base fare of Rs 55. While UberBLACK and UberSUV come at higher prices. Also, there is cancellation fee and cost per min fee applicable on Uber luxury rides. So keep yourself informed with these charges.

Try UberPOOL

We know that Uber rides are more reliable and cost a little less when compared to other taxi service providers in India such as Ola Cabs, Taxi For Sure, Meru and more but Uber surge price fare may cost you a bomb. How about sharing your ride with one person or more who happens to be requesting a ride home along a similar route? And the best part is, the final fare is shown to you upfront while confirming the ride and which is exactly what you need to pay the driver at the end of your trip.

Take Advantage Of Free Rides

Buzz your friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbors, acquaintances, Instagram followers, or basically anyone who you know, and send them your unique referral code. With every referral you bring to Uber, you get a free ride if they sign up using your referral code. This way you can earn innumerable FREE rides.

Uber First Time Promo Code

Yes, if you are new to Uber, you can enjoy free Uber ride worth Rs 150 on using Uber first time promo code – GRAB150. Also, you can find many such free rides, promotional codes, latest cashback offers and referral codes that give you free rides at one place – HappySale.

Professional Burlington Airport Limousine For Great Travel Experiences

When planning for a trip in Burlington for pleasure or business, there are certain things you need to take care of. But choosing assistance from professionals for taking care of your transportation details can make the process a lot easier. However, you can catch the flight in time and enjoy a comfortable ride to the airport- providing you with stress-free experiences and a complete peace of mind.

Door-to-door Pickup and Drop-off Service: – Traveling with a Burlington airport limousine service can provide you with a great sense of flexibility- you will be able to get pick up and drop off service as per your convenience. In fact, you don’t need to wait for the vehicle to reach your destination on time as you can get to the airport by airport limousine with plenty of time to spare. So no longer will you have to wait in traffic on the way to the airport wondering whether you will reach your intended destination on-time.

Comfort and Style: – Choosing the services of a Burlington airport limousine company can enable you to travel to and from the airport in style and comfort. Besides, you will have enough room to stretch your legs and plentiful storage spaces for your luggage. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about getting to the airport on time and instead you can let a professional chauffeur to drop you off and pick up from the closest entrance of the airport. Whether you need an airport limousine to transport you from home to airport or airport to your destination, you will be able to travel in utmost comfort and style during every step of your trip.

Cost Effective Price: – Despite of the popular belief, airport limousine service in Burlington can often charge affordable price than traveling to the airport in your own car. The limousine service will transport you safely and efficiently from the chosen pick-up point to the airport or vice-versa, saving you enough money in the long run. Traveling by a Burlington airport limousine can save you with enough time, effort and money.

Safety and Security: – With reputable limousine service, you can enjoy traveling to the airport like never before. No matter you are flying with your family for a vacation or traveling abroad for a business trip, a luxury limousine has a wide range of amenities to suit your particular circumstances. Regardless of the reason you are visiting the airport, your chauffeur can contact you 15 minutes prior to your pick up and will be organized and waiting for you to ride anywhere you want. Vehicles provided for clients are maintained and cleaned well, ensuring amazing experiences on-route to the airport.

Conclusion: – After going through following benefits of limousines, it’s clear that limos are the best alternative to airport transfers in Burlington. Hence, hire airport limousine in Burlington and reach your destination with utmost comfort, style and luxuries you deserve!